Program Support

What We Offer

Elevate your strategic horizons with unparalleled program and project support tailored to your unique aspirations. At the heart of our offerings is a deep understanding of the research sector, matched with our extensive consulting know-who, to navigate complexities and unlock opportunities. we harness the power of design thinking and problem-solving to fuel your journey towards excellence.

Transformative Solutions Across the Spectrum: Our expertise can be tailored to meet diverse needs:

  • Business Case Development: Find the path forward with compelling, data-driven business cases. Our approach aligns your strategic objectives with actionable roadmaps, ensuring a robust foundation for new ventures.

  • Grant Bid Support: Navigate the grant process with a seasoned ally. From crafting persuasive proposals to facilitating idea generation, program design, and dynamic partner engagement, we’re your cornerstone in translating vision into value.

  • Recruitment Programs: Sculpt your future workforce with the right recruitment programs. Our strategic programs are designed to attract, engage, and retain the individuals who are not just skilled but are also in sync with your organisational mission.

  • Program Evaluation: Unravel the impact and efficacy of your initiatives. Our evaluation approach is not just about assessment; it’s about deriving actionable insights, fostering continuous improvement, and ensuring that your programs resonate with your strategic ambition.

Empowering Your Journey, Beyond the Conventional: Our support services are not just about addressing the present; it’s about envisioning and sculpting the future. Beyond these core services, we offer bespoke solutions, designed to cater to the unique contours of your strategic landscape. We offer a rapid introductory discovery engagement for custom projects.

  • Our discovery  diagnosis is fixed-priced approach to understand your problem before starting a more significant project, engagement, or long-term relationship. 
  • You get a precise and transparent project with a specific result of understanding the outlook and specifics of your problem. We provide you with a roadmap for improvement, that can form the basis for a larger engagement, or prepare you for an approach to market, or provide the in-house resource for DIY.


We offer custom pricing for program support, however our  discovery service starts from $35,000 (excl. GST).