A consulting firm working with government, universities, public research organisations and industry. Bringing deep expertise combined with leading consulting know-how.

maximising the benefits of publicly funded research.

Our Values #1


We want to make a difference to your organisation. Handing you a report and walking away won’t achieve that. We always offer to stay on and help you implement our solutions so they have the most impact.

Our Values #2


If you are hiring external consultants you want specialists, not generalists. We are expert in what we do. If we don’t have the expertise you need in-house we will bring in others that do.

Our Values #3


Consulting solutions are only valuable if they stick. They only stick if clients take ownership. And clients only take ownership if they are involved in their design.

Advisory Services

Our advisory clients include universities and public research organisations, governments and industry. We do everything from strategy development through to research operations.

We work with universities and public research organisations to plan, manage and evaluate their research portfolios. We work with governments to develop and deliver research and innovation policies. We work with industry to engage with public researchers and to commercialise and apply research.

RSA Campus™

 RSA Campus™ provides targeted training for individuals and groups on all aspects of research strategy. We share leading approaches to public and private research engagement, effective KPIs and goal setting, modern research performance management, and our program-based approach to developing and managing a research strategy.

Our current offerings include a series of face-to-face and online Masterclasses for senior research leaders, and online courses for early and mid-career researchers.

Connect with us below to learn more about RSA Campus™.

What we do

Publicly funded research is amongst the greatest of our common wealth. It holds the key to solving the world’s most important and pressing issues. To do that, however, it must be well planned and managed.

That is where we come in. We work with stakeholders across the research system – from universities and public research organisations that undertake breakthrough research, through to governments who fund research and set policy, to industry partners who apply research to deliver new technologies and services, and the public who are the end-users of research.

We help the system run smoothly and effectively, aligning the interests of different stakeholders and helping maximise the benefits of public investment.

Latest news

Jack Rejtman Joins the Team

Research Strategies Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Principal, Jack Rejtman. Jack has worked in the higher education and research sector for 15 years and has led innovation, research, development and commercialisation initiatives that have...

RSA Campus

Late 2022 we launched our RSA Campus - a range of strategy masterclasses specifically for research leaders and executives in the public research sector. Our masterclasses are designed to equip participants with the practical skills and knowledge to develop and execute...

Don’t try and measure research quality, look at research efficiency to determine university status

Research Strategies Australia recently joined forces with Research Coaching Australia and the Higher Education and Research Group to provide a submission to the consultation into a legislative instrument to determine higher education provide categories. The draft...

The Coursera IPO – The capitalisation of the democratisation of access to education

I’ve watched the debut of Coursera on the NY Stock Exchange with interest, and a raised eyebrow, having floated at US $33 per share some 8 days ago, the price rocketed to a high of US $62.53 overnight.  This has got me curious, as to how a company, which peddled...

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About us

Research Strategies Australia was established in 2014 by Dr Tim Cahill. Tim has over 15 years experience working with stakeholders in Australia’s R&D sector. He has held executive roles in the public, private, non-profit and higher education sectors, including Director of R&D Advisory and Higher Education for KPMG Australia, Director of Research Evaluation at the Australian Research Council and Chief Data Scientist at The Conversation Media Group.

Tim is regarded internationally as an expert in research strategy, evaluation, higher education policy, scientometrics and research commercialisation. He is currently a Board Member of the Chemistry and Polymers Manufacturing Industry Network, serves on the Australia FAIR Access Working Group, and is an Honorary Fellow of the Research for Education Impact Research Centre at Deakin University.