RSA Campus


Dr Tim Cahill

Managing Director

9 Mar, 2023

Late 2022 we launched our RSA Campus – a range of strategy masterclasses specifically for research leaders and executives in the public research sector.

Our masterclasses are designed to equip participants with the practical skills and knowledge to develop and execute research strategies that deliver results. We have translated the best of what we have learned in our industry-leading strategy engagements into a training suite covering topics such as:

  • how to develop strategies in publicly funded research organisations;
  • strategy in decentralised organisations;
  • managing complex research programs;
  • setting goals and KPIs that matter; and,
  • managing researchers in the world of research impact and engagement.

We have already run our series of masterclasses with a number of clients throughout 2023, and the feedback from participants has been glowing.

Attached below is further information. We would love to come deliver training at your campus in 2023.

About us

Research Strategies Australia was established in 2014 by Dr Tim Cahill. Tim has over 15 years experience working with stakeholders in Australia’s R&D sector. He has held executive roles in the public, private, non-profit and higher education sectors, including Director of R&D Advisory and Higher Education for KPMG Australia, Director of Research Evaluation at the Australian Research Council and Chief Data Scientist at The Conversation Media Group.

Tim is regarded internationally as an expert in research strategy, evaluation, higher education policy, scientometrics and research commercialisation. He is currently a Board Member of the Chemistry and Polymers Manufacturing Industry Network, serves on the Australia FAIR Access Working Group, and is an Honorary Fellow of the Research for Education Impact Research Centre at Deakin University.