Protecting Australia’s Sovereign Research Capability


Dr Tim Cahill

Managing Director

16 Oct, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the extent to which Australia’s sovereign research capability is vulnerable to a significant downturn in demand for higher education from international students, putting at risk Australia’s hard-won international reputation for high quality research and the substantial benefits that it produces.

In an endeavor to address the flaws in the current model, Dr Tim Cahill, Managing Director for Research Strategies Australia, recently participated in a series of workshops led by Global Access Partners and the Institute for Integrated Economic Research which has resulted in publication of the report Protecting Australia’s Sovereign Research Capability in a COVID World.

The report brings together the ideas of experts from across Australia under the guidance of David de Carvalho, including:

  • Tony Bates PSM, Victorian Department of Education
  • Mark Bazzucco, CSIRO
  • John Blackburn AO, Institute for Integrated Economic Research
  • Tim Cahill, Research Strategies Australia
  • David de Carvalho (Workshop Chair), former First Assistant Secretary, Higher Education, Australian
    Government (2011-2013)
  • Stephen Hayes MBE, Gravity Group and GAP
  • Jane den Hollander AO, ex-Deakin University, University of WA
  • Mark Hutchinson, University of Adelaide
  • Frank Larkins, University of Melbourne
  • Tamara Martin , University of NSW
  • Tony Peacock, Cooperative Research Centre Association
  • Jan Tennent, ConnectBio
  • Matt Wenham, ex-Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

“The report represents the first serious attempt to think through what a post-COVID research system should look like in Australia,” said Dr Cahill. “This process has brought together leading experts from industry, higher education and the broader research system, to answer the simple question, how do we protect the future of such an important national asset as our university-based research? Research Strategies Australia is very proud to have contributed to this discussion that is fundamental to the future of Australia’s economic, social and health outcomes.”

For additional information please contact Dr Tim Cahill, Managing Director, Research Strategies Australia

About us

Research Strategies Australia was established in 2014 by Dr Tim Cahill. Tim has over 15 years experience working with stakeholders in Australia’s R&D sector. He has held executive roles in the public, private, non-profit and higher education sectors, including Director of R&D Advisory and Higher Education for KPMG Australia, Director of Research Evaluation at the Australian Research Council and Chief Data Scientist at The Conversation Media Group.

Tim is regarded internationally as an expert in research strategy, evaluation, higher education policy, scientometrics and research commercialisation. He is currently a Board Member of the Chemistry and Polymers Manufacturing Industry Network, serves on the Australia FAIR Access Working Group, and is an Honorary Fellow of the Research for Education Impact Research Centre at Deakin University.