Jack Rejtman Joins the Team


Dr Tim Cahill

Managing Director

14 Mar, 2023

Research Strategies Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Principal, Jack Rejtman.

Jack has worked in the higher education and research sector for 15 years and has led innovation, research, development and commercialisation initiatives that have transformed media, higher education, financial services and global health. Jack co-founded and was Managing Director of The Conversation — a global media group that translates academic research and insights into plain English. He worked as Director of Technology Transfer & Innovation at the Eliminate Dengue Program (now World Mosquito Program) at Monash University. And he worked as Business Development Director for Research, Innovation & Commercialisation at The University of Melbourne.

As a strategic adviser to research-intensive start-ups, companies and universities, Jack helps organisations unlock social and commercial value by aligning business, research, technology and media strategy. He does this by empowering teams through co-creation, applying strong analytical frameworks, and building business cases to mobilise action.

Jack brings a strong understanding of business and university operations – research, academic and commercial – and what’s required to accelerate cross-sector innovation, technology and knowledge transfer. Jack has particular expertise in developing business and research strategy, establishing cross-sector partnerships and accelerating outcomes that increase social and commercial impact.

Jack has led major, global strategic initiatives including: creation and launch of The Conversation Media Group (developed the business strategy, funding model and real-time, safe publishing platform for academic authors); development of a multimedia technology transfer and learning platform at Eliminate Dengue; establishing strategic partnerships that have led to sector-leading product and platform innovation in sustainable water treatment, financial wellbeing and media.

As Principal, Research Strategies Australia, Jack’s work with clients includes:

Research strategy

  • assessing R&D maturity and effectiveness
  • clarifying and prioritising research themes, objectives and outcomes
  • capability mapping
  • developing and aligning R&D strategy with business, technology and communications strategy
  • establishing productive partnerships
  • identifying funding opportunities

Innovation and technology-enabled transformation (business and sector)

  • challenging the status quo and embracing disruption
  • customer discovery and market research
  • defining business drivers, enablers and blockers
  • developing business cases to secure investment
  • roadmap development

Business strategy, development and commercialisation

  • defining business and go-to-market strategy
  • identifying opportunities for cross-sector collaboration
  • clarifying objectives, initiatives and key results
  • partner, contract and IP negotiation
  • CRM selection and implementation

Engagement strategy (industry, universities and government)

  • testing ideas with internal and external stakeholders
  • project-based strategic communications
  • precinct planning and consultation
  • thought-leadership and media strategy
  • cross-sector, communication planning
  • internal, external and complex stakeholder management

About us

Research Strategies Australia was established in 2014 by Dr Tim Cahill. Tim has over 15 years experience working with stakeholders in Australia’s R&D sector. He has held executive roles in the public, private, non-profit and higher education sectors, including Director of R&D Advisory and Higher Education for KPMG Australia, Director of Research Evaluation at the Australian Research Council and Chief Data Scientist at The Conversation Media Group.

Tim is regarded internationally as an expert in research strategy, evaluation, higher education policy, scientometrics and research commercialisation. He is currently a Board Member of the Chemistry and Polymers Manufacturing Industry Network, serves on the Australia FAIR Access Working Group, and is an Honorary Fellow of the Research for Education Impact Research Centre at Deakin University.