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Welcome to Consulting for Academics and Researchers: Delivering Consulting Work. The aim of this course is to help people who are trained as researchers and academics to get started in the rewarding work of consulting. The course will prepare you with a core understanding of the work that you will do as a consultant, as well as the basic building blocks of doing that work. It has been designed to be taken as a standalone course, focused on how to deliver consulting work to clients. It is highly recommended that it be taken in conjunction with our upcoming course, Consulting for Academics and Researchers: Winning Consulting Work.

About the course

This course consists of seven lessons that will take you from someone with an interest in re-purposing your academic expertise and skills for consulting, right up to the point of being able to start delivering consulting work. The lessons are video based and include key readings and resources to extend your learning experience.

Short quizzes at the end of each lesson are designed to reinforce learning outcomes around key concepts and definitions. A capstone assignment that runs from the start to finish of the course provides an opportunity to apply the material from the course to a real-life consulting scenario drawn from your own experience.

Upon enrollment, learners also gain access to the Consulting for Academics and Researchers community – this is an active LinkedIn group where you can share ideas, get feedback, broaden your professional network with like-minded people and deepen your understanding of consulting. We encourage you to actively participate in this group as it will provide you with an ongoing resource to help you along on your journey from researcher to consultant.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed to provide people who are trained as academics and/or researchers with the fundamental skills required to do consulting work. The aim of the course is to give learners an intensive introduction to what a consultant does, what a consultant’s main tools are, and how this differs from the work of academics and researchers.

If you are a researcher or an academic and you have thought about trying your hand at consulting, but are not sure where to start, this is the course for you!

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will:

  1. Have gained specialised knowledge and skills to practice professionally as a consultant.
  2. Have gained specialised knowledge to undertake further learning.
  3. Have developed an advanced and integrated understanding of the practice of consulting.
  4. Be able to independently analyse, reflect on and synthesise the main concepts of consulting.
  5. Be able to apply established theories of consulting in practice.
  6. Be able to apply knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy, expert judgement, adaptability and responsibility as a practicing consultant.
  7. Be able to interpret and transmit your knowledge of consulting to specialist and non-specialist audiences.